Structured Flexibility?

Are structure and flexibility at odds?

In this "future that is now here" in a glaring way, there continues to be a human need for structure and routine but also a strong need for flexibility. There is a need for educators to have the disposition of being flexible. There is a need for flexible thinking, planning, and flexible structures that allow for choice and options that will meet a variety of needs and provide equitable options. How are you providing structure and flexibility at the same time?

Kasey Bell has some amazing templates and resources for learning menus. A.J. Juliani has also put together some resources on learning menus and choice boards. I also created a template that can be used for any grade level and subject are as inspiration. Check out Bold Edventures FREE mini-course on how to start small with project-based learning.

As always, share what you are doing in the comments or on Twitter with #boldedventures! Let's start a conversation and learn together.

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