redefining the teacher learning experience


You get it. You’ve tried innovative ideas in your classroom. You’re an avid learner yourself. But when it comes to teacher PD, there’s a disconnect. You finish inservice feeling exhausted instead of inspired; you finish a course wondering how to implement or even if you should.


    We redefine the teacher learning experience.

In our offerings, it’s not so much what you learn but HOW you learn that’s different. We inspire you. Then we motivate you. When it gets hard, we support you. When you lose your way, we hold you accountable and show you how. And we learn TOGETHER. Throughout the process, we ARE the research we seek. We prototype promising ideas; we test & iterate quickly; we gather feedback; we share our learning, and we redefine the classroom experience for not only ourselves, but most importantly, for our students so they can be ready for an unpredictable future.

Meet Lori Lisai

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Lori is an innovation coordinator in Northern Vermont. She is passionate about transforming education to truly meet students' needs and aims to inspire them to change the world for the better.  She helps teachers integrate personalized learning, understand proficiency-based learning, and open their minds to a more flexible approach to education. With over 20 years of experience in schools, she understands the myriad needs of students, teachers, and administrators, and aspires to create systems that promote synergy for all.

Meet Gabrielle Lumbra

Gabrielle is an innovation coach in Northern Vermont. She is passionate about transforming school so that everyone has access to meaningful experiences and is prepared for an uncertain future. She wants to live among others who are creative and proactive in their lives and strives to create school environments that will lead to this outcome. Using her 23 years of experience, she works with teachers to innovate in their classrooms to achieve this ultimate goal.

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Together, Gabrielle & Lori have over 40 years of experience in education to share with you. With two masters degrees+ and constant innovation in their own work, their expertise will inspire and push you to be the best teacher you can be.  Gabrielle & Lori have presented numerous workshops and provided countless hours of professional development and they are eager to share what they've learned about creating meaningful educational experiences. With expertise in personalized learning, proficiency- (or competency-) based learning, project-based learning, going gradeless, game-based learning and entrepreneurship in the classroom, they have much to contribute.

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